Sound of Dead Cats

from by AUFIRE

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i dozed to the sound of dead cats left safely on the doorstep. no wonder you lost it - so insincere. never forget the rules you made for all of us. you'll never receive such blind trust again. always remember the mess you left upon my doorstep. oxygen moron.

you broke it. i fell apart like meringues and glass. always a debtor doubting banks and all their safeguards. no talking. no contact. no brief embrace. a legacy of trusting no one but the papers. your heart-kicks, your brain-jolts, knee-jerks in place. it's just the ego trip of any open cunt. i hate this the bullshit black faux despair. hook line and sinker: when you need him where's the saviour? we can't keep repeating. stop crying wolf. give up the power that you're holding over us. oxygen moron.

i came looking for the end but all i found were these dreadful new beginnings. i feel a fool, confusing fear with faith. your suits come. come and go. i'm walking on a tightrope. hoping waiting wishing. just hours by the phone. apocalypse alone.


from The Sound of Dead Cats, released December 28, 2011





AUFIRE: awe-fire, oh-fire, oww-fire, etc etc.

i make CDs of songs and guitar nonsense, and then give them out to people.

usually consists of 6-string guitar, Whammy pedal, and drum machine. sometimes voice.
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