Glances in Wake

from by AUFIRE

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rows of houses vast contorted faces are swirling over, twisting into grimaces and stairs. get your act together love. search and rescue choppers come when you jump off the train, out into the borderlands, crawling on your hands and feet you're looking for the rail. crushing silence beats you down, splits you open, birds arrive to tear your liver out.

can't live like this. there are no walls. no not like this. there are no doors. just glances in the wake of glory true out to devour you.

daemon horses racing through uncertainty, harming no one, saving stranded travellers from bears. nightmare visions stalking you. no escape from perpetrators living in your head. surgery in stolen vans. executions. policemen leave an electrician dead. defecate in witness stands. first procedure: always try to cover up the facts.

can't live like this. with broken laws, ineffectual courts, and legal flaws. just glances in the wake of glory true out to devour you.


references in this song are (in order): dreams i had / people jumping on the bohemian bandwagon / the myth of Prometheus/ that scene in The Matrix when the agents turn doors into walls / science which puts ends before means or ethics / those people camping in Scandinavia who were attacked by a polar bear / a woman i was told about who went mad because she became paranoid about going mad / an Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode where Master Shake gets dodgy cosmetic surgery / the police killing innocent people, and being shifty about it / super-injunctions.


from The Sound of Dead Cats, released December 28, 2011





AUFIRE: awe-fire, oh-fire, oww-fire, etc etc.

i make CDs of songs and guitar nonsense, and then give them out to people.

usually consists of 6-string guitar, Whammy pedal, and drum machine. sometimes voice.
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