The Sound of Dead Cats


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"The Sound of Dead Cats"

words here were cut up and rearranged, so from newspapers or articles that could have been written months apart. a lot of it may seem contradictory by switching between different viewpoints.

i'm trying to present all the day to day things that i stop and notice.


released December 28, 2011





AUFIRE: awe-fire, oh-fire, oww-fire, etc etc.

i make CDs of songs and guitar nonsense, and then give them out to people.

usually consists of 6-string guitar, Whammy pedal, and drum machine. sometimes voice.
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Track Name: Glances in Wake
references in this song are (in order): dreams i had / people jumping on the bohemian bandwagon / the myth of Prometheus/ that scene in The Matrix when the agents turn doors into walls / science which puts ends before means or ethics / those people camping in Scandinavia who were attacked by a polar bear / a woman i was told about who went mad because she became paranoid about going mad / an Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode where Master Shake gets dodgy cosmetic surgery / the police killing innocent people, and being shifty about it / super-injunctions.
Track Name: A Goddamn Religious Icon
samples are taken from "Dead Man" by Jim Jarmusch.
hopefully he won't mind, i don't intend to make any money from this.
Track Name: Poem Is Called
i wanted a poem to mix around the background of this song sketch i had, so i typed "angry poem" into youtube.

and this video came up somewhere, of a young guy at a poetry slam event somewhere in the US. i liked it, but don't necessarily agree with it.
Track Name: Border to Border
the first part is about the video to the Britney Spears song "Oops I Did It Again", because i realized the melody i had for this part was similar to one in her song.
see what i mean?

the second part is about other stuff.

samples are taken from "The Trial" by Orson Welles.
Track Name: missU
a song i started writing years ago, and only just rediscovered a few months ago. a lot of the words are adapted from melodramatic manga strips i saw on Reddit.